M.A.R.A can have contextual conversations with you. An example is below.

Setting up a Run:

You: Let's go for a run.
Mara: Do you want to warm up first?
You: Yes I do.
Mara: How far would you like to go?
You: What time is it?
Mara: It's 7:36am. How far would you like to go?
You: In that case, let's run for 3 miles.
Mara: Ok, I am ready. We're going to start with a 5 minute warmup, followed by a 3 mile run. We'll finish with a 5 minute cooldown. Let me know when you would like to begin.
You: Let's go!

Other Examples:

Let's do a 30 minute run.
I'd like to walk until 6pm.
I want to sprint for 1 mile.
Warm up and then run 5 kilometers.
Begin now.
Let's go.
Cancel this run.
I'm all done.
What time is it?
What's the weather report?
Is it going to rain?
How windy is it?
How hot is it?
What's my pace?
What's my current speed?
Where am I?
How far back to where I started?
How much time left?
How far to go?
How many miles have I gone?
Let's play some music.
Pick a playlist.
Play something else.
Go to the next track.
Shuffle my music.
Skip this song.
Play something random.
Stop the music.
Tell me a joke.
How old are you?
Who made you?
What cars do you like?